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treating the sensitive eye area

What do you see out of the corner of your eye? If it’s fine lines and wrinkles, you’re not alone. Fine lines around the eyes can start to form as early as your 20s. Here’s why: the tissue around the eyes is some of the thinnest on the body, possibly even as thin as five sheets of paper. This thinness contributes to a lack of protective lipids, making this skin much more vulnerable to damage triggered by genetics, intrinsic (natural) aging, physical attributes, and general wear and tear. Don’t forget that lifestyle, allergies, diseases, and exposure to UV rays and weather changes can also impact the severity of lines around the eyes.

Unfortunately for some, fine lines are just the beginning of their eye area concerns. In an effort to treat frustrating fine lines, some may find that highly-active formulas are too aggressive, and can trigger an inflammatory response. Ironically, a continued inflammatory response is linked to accelerated tissue damage, which is one of the culprits behind premature aging. This means the powerful treatments designed to minimize fine lines can actually cause more damage than good.

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