Skin health

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what is spf? the importance of skin sun protection

what is spf? the importance of skin sun protection

what is spf? the importance of skin sun protection

Skin health

4 mins read

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Get the lowdown on how to enjoy the sun safely, reducing your risk of skin damage and skin cancer.

should i wear spf daily?

At Dermalogica, we’re big advocates of the daily use of sunscreen, in fact, we recommend everyone include an SPF30 or SPF50 in their daily regimen, no matter your skin type, skin tone or age. We are proud to partner with skin cancer charity SKCIN to help raise awareness through education, promoting prevention and early detection.

the impact of uv rays on the skin

When it comes to causes of skin damage, premature ageing and uneven skin tone, exposure to ultraviolet radiation is at the top of the list. Rather than thinking about protecting your skin from the sun during the summer months or on beach holidays, consider the fact that we are exposed to harmful UV rays all year round – yes, even in the winter and when indoors!

UVA and UVB rays are present during daylight hours, and both penetrate the skin triggering damage. UVB rays are often nicknamed the ‘burning ray’ they are at their strongest in the summer months and when the sun is highest in the sky, typically between 11:00 and 3:00. This ray is short and intense, meaning you feel its effects on your skin. You can often feel your skin burning!

UVA is a longer ray, that penetrates deeper into the skin but without you noticing. UVA rays are known as the ‘ageing ray’ as they cause deep damage to skin cells and structural proteins like collagen. UVA rays are present at the same strength from dusk till dawn year-round and can penetrate windows and glass.

The bottom line is that exposure to these rays’ cause damage to the skin. Whilst your skin can repair some of this damage, the damage accumulates over the years resulting in premature ageing. Lines, wrinkles, and dark spots become evident and worst-case scenario; this damage may lead to skin cancer development.

uk skin cancer facts:

  • Skin cancer is the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer
  • Over 210,000 cases of non-melanoma are diagnosed annually in the UK
  • Over 16,000 cases of melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer) are diagnosed annually in the UK
  • According to Cancer Research UK, 1 in 36 males and 1 in 47 females will be diagnosed with melanoma during their lifetime and it is one of the biggest killing cancers in the 15-34 age group

6 tips to prevent sun skin damage and skin cancer risk

Up to 90% of skin cancers are preventable by adopting simple sun safe strategies. Applying a Broad Spectrum sunscreen with a high or very high SPF rating (SPF30 to SPF50) on a daily basis will keep skin protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Adopting a daily habit of SPF application is also the best way to preserve your skin’s youth.

  1. Apply SPF generously to get the level of protection on the label. Around a teaspoon for the face and shot glass for the body
  2. Reapply every 2 hours when exposed for longer periods and after swimming/sweating
  3. Seek shade and protect vulnerable areas by adding a hat and sunglasses
  4. Don’t forget to apply SPF to your ears and the back of your neck!
  5. Remember UV rays can penetrate glass. Consider SPF when sitting in the car or by a window
  6. UV rays reflect off light surfaces such as snow, sand and water intensifying the exposure

Moisturiser with SPF and Skin Friendly Formulas

One thing that often prevents regular, daily use of sunscreens is how they feel on the skin. Thick, gloopy creams that can exacerbate breakouts – no thanks! But not with Dermalogica sunscreens.

We have a wide selection of SPF moisturisers, designed for daily use that not only offer broad spectrum UV defence but are also formulated to treat the skin condition and offer additional skin defending antioxidants, all in a wearable, non-clogging formula.

Prisma Protect SPF30 A light-activated moisturiser with intelligent drone technology to boost skin luminosity plus antioxidant technology to protect against pollution. Suitable for all skins.

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 A medium-weight moisturiser for ageing skins. Antioxidant Whit Tea and a unique Peptide protect skin whilst minimising the appearance of skin ageing.

Invisible Physical Defence SPF30 Ideal for sensitive skins and those who don’t tolerate chemical sunscreens. Invisible, weightless defence with ultra-sheer Zinc Oxide. Also defends against blue light.

Oil Free Matte SPF30 An oil absorbing, light-weight moisturiser for oily, breakout prone skins. Oil absorbers help maintain an all-day matte finish.

Protection 50 Sport SPF50 One for all the family for face and body. This light-weight formula is water-resistant (80 minutes) so perfect for the sports enthusiast.

skcin, dermalogica and training

Dermalogica is proud work in partnership with skin cancer charity SKCIN. We offer thousands of Professional Skin Therapists funded training to support SKCIN’s mission of combatting rising skin cancer statistics. SKCIN’S ‘MASCED’ (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) accredited courses are designed to train professionals in how to spot the early signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

Professional Skin Therapists are uniquely placed to observe any abnormalities or changes to their client’s skin - often in areas clients can’t see themselves. This puts therapists in a powerful position to spot the early signs and advise their client(s) to act, which could drastically improve prognosis.
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